Lower your CPA and scale with our performance UGC creatives

Moment28 is a boutique advertising agency. We help brands to accelerate growth with our unique performance UGC creatives and advanced media buying on TikTok & Meta.

Revenue Generated
7 Years
of Ecommerce Expertise
€ 35m+
Spent on META and TikTOK
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Performance UGC Creatives

Our done for you Performance UGC Creatives harnesses the power of user-generated content, crafting personalized, authentic, and engaging ads that resonate with your target audience. We use our proven M28 Modular Creative Framework to create cutting-edge creatives that outperform your existing creatives, lower your CPAs and drive overall revenue growth.

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TikTok Advertising

Enter the fast-paced world of TikTok with our done for you TikTok Advertising service. We help brands with our cutting-edge media buying strategies and our M28 TikTok Scaling Framework to scale profitability and rapidly on the currently most relevant and underpriced plattform.

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Meta Advertising

Done for you Meta Advertising & Media Buying. After spending more than 35 Million € on Meta for our own brand PAUL VALENTINE we are now helping other brands to scale proftiabely with our done for your Meta advertising service. Our performance creatives combined with our M28 Meta Scaling Framework will lower your CPAs and drive incrementell revenue growth.

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Growth Consulting

Elevate your E-Commerce business to new heights with the M28 growth consulting, where we analyse your current status quo and identify relevant growth opportunities.

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How does it work - our workflow

How It WorksHow It Works

What makes us different

We only work with a handful of clients to guarantee the highest quality of UGC creatives & the most advanced media buying compared to the other "UGC agencies" out there. We are fully bringing in our experience to guarantee maximum results.

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125m+ Rev Generated
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Proven Track record
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7 Years of experience
M28 modular creative framework

The team behind Moment28

Moment28 has been founded by Marlene and Paul Franzreb. 

We scaled our own e-commerce brand PAUL VALENTINE from 0 to 30 million € in sales in 3 years.

The biggest growth driver for us has been our creatives combined with our media buying strategies. Within 7 years we spent more than 35 Million € on Meta and TikTok and generated more than 125 Million € for PAUL VALENTINE.

After selling our brand to an investor a lot of people reached out to us and asked if we could help with their creatives & performance marketing. And that was the moment the idea for Moment28 was born, a boutique creative performance agency, tailerod towards ambitious e-commerce brands who want to grow and create momentum towards 8 figures and more.

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Work with us
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In-depth creative strategy with competitor and target group research
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Receive 50 - 70 performance UGC creatives per month
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Including weekly creative iterations based on the actual performance KPis inside the ads manager
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Tap into our network of more than 100 selected creators. Oh, and the creator costs are fully covered by us.
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Creative storyboarding, scripting, production and editing, all done for you.
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A dedicated creative strategist and video editor for your brand
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Test your new creatives with our advanced media buying strategies and your dedicated media buyer.
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Scale your creatives to the moon with our M28 Scaling frameworks and advanced strategies such as manual bids

Got questions? We got answers

What is the price?
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We charge a retainer for the creative production and take a percentage of your ad spend for the media buying & ad management. Please kindly book a call to learn more.

How quickly can you deliver creatives?
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After the contract is signed we deliver your first creatives within 14 to 21 days.

Can you also deliver Creatives only?
Caret Down

Yes, absolutely! We offer both performance creatives + media buying, as well as creatives only + Consulting.

Do I have to pay for the Creators?
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No, creator costs are included in our packages. You'll get to tap into our network of 100+ content creators that routinely pump out quality, authentic videos.

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